Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starting a Book Club Reading List

It's been many months since the idea first sprouted to create a list(s) of recommended books for local book clubs, that is, books of which there are ample copies in the library system. I've compiled one for my book club in a very pains-taking fashion: looking up each selection to check how many copies are in the system and currently available, and including details such as a short synopsis, publication date, publishing house, etc., but now I'm on the hunt for an easier, more efficient method. Does anyone have ideas/suggestions?
We could compile a number of lists of recommended book club readings, categorized by genre: Around the World, NZ/Australian Authors, Oldies but Goodies, and so on.

We love to encourage reading and this is an excellent way, by helping local book clubs access quality selections that we have at Aukland City Libaries in ample supply.

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  1. Hi Havago
    Check with Readers' services that there isn't something you could use. Later on you will find out about Library Thing that might be what you after!! :-) Next up social networking lots of fun!! :-)