Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 4 - In the Know

Choosing RSS Feeds involving international news, books & book reviews, music, art, but then I reached my max. As with most internet activities = too addictive. Thank goodness it was a rainy, muggy week up until Friday so that it was a pleasure to be tied to the computer. Here's a link to my newsreader with feeds from some of my favorites, such as The New York Times Sunday Book Review.
Don't know if this is possible in the library: setting up dedicated computers that have feeds, like 1) News on the ground floor by the large TV screen, or in the newspaper reading room, 2) On first floor: Arts/Music/Dance Feeds in those areas; Business/Economics in that area, and so on, 3) Ground Floor: Book Review Feeds, latest releases, etc. On the ACL website , maybe include feeds relevant to whatever is happening at the time. Professionally, it's great to be connected, whether through Library Thing or other library-related feeds. In short, it's good practise to be "in the know".
As for Twitter, I'm not yet convinced; maybe it's an age thing and I'm just not with it, but here's my account anyway. I've looked into TweetDeck, which seems a decent way of keeping posted and, again, "in the know."


  1. Well done and some great ideas there!
    Is it me, or have you missed tasks 7 & 8? Letter James is a really simple and effective tool for task 8.

  2. Yes, I did 7 & 8. But I gave it another go, just for fun.