Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week Three - Photos on Flickr & Picasa

I recently started using Picasa Web Albums to manage my personal photos. Using Flickr is a little different, and I uploaded a photo "Week3exterior" to the aclelgar account. It has a cool outline shape, thanks to the Picnik editing/playing with contrast/sharpen features, though I couldn't figure out how to edit out the soda can on the ground. Still working on that, since I know that there are "photoshop" software tools that can do that. Image generating was a challenge, and I created an image of a grassy field with a funny message, but I couldn't complete the link. I kept getting the message: "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken" no matter how many tmes I tried to link it properly. That was with JellyMuffin, so I tried CustomSignGenerator and FotoTrix, and could post a captioned library photo. Next time I'll use a different font for the caption; this one's hard to read.

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  1. Cool pic! Half the fun is in the trial and error! :-)