Sunday, March 21, 2010

At Last - Week Nine

Great clip posted by, and great principle: getting people to do something because it's fun to do. I'm imagining running a clip at the Issues Desk of people getting out their library cards before coming to the desk, or turning their books in the right direction for scanning (Bonus feature: somehow making it fun). Clips on the website could show how to do a search in the catalogue or in the e-resources.

Looking for podcasts from libraries brought me to Berkeley's Library Story Hour, among others. And in general many of the tutorials we've used in this training programme have been podcasts/vodcasts. Very useful in libraries for presenting information - whether about authors, events, anything being highlighted for the month, or for training of patrons in using any of the library's resources and so on.

Almost done, more about ebooks and downloadble media to come...