Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 8 - Online Applications

Thank you for introducing us to Zoho - a website that is so functional and feels very familiar. Keeps old versions of documents, documents are accessible from anywhere even without a USB stick, and are capable of being shared. My only question since there's always a problem with not enough time and too many options: Which one is better - Zoho or Google Docs?? Now that I've tried Zoho, I'll have a go at Google Docs.

The winner?: Zoho. Easier to post directly from Zoho to this blog - without needing a link, easier to access tools like Thesaurus, and I like the list of earlier versions to the right. Other than that, looks much the same.

Exploring Web 2.0 tools took me to VuFind from the library of Villanova University. There are so many features that I think would be wonderful to apply to ACL's website. First & foremost, the goal of being "social". Promoting commenting, tagging, saving records, making favorites lists (easier than on our website). Then incorporating outside materials such as reviews from & other sources, and author's bios, all in an appealing, interactive package. Love it!